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Welcome to Tokio Hotel Asia!

Hi! Welcome to Tokio Hotel Asia! If you read the community's profile, I guess you have an idea what this community is all about. It's time for Asian countries to finally join forces and get them here, don't you think? ;) There are only a few of us here at the moment so I guess this is an opportunity for us to get to know each other with this entry. :) Let's introduce ourselves -- say from which country we're from and how Tokio Hotel is doing in our countries. ;)

Comment on this entry to introduce yourself!

I'm Charm and I'm from the Philippines. I'm the official street team leader for Tokio Hotel in my country and I'm one of the people behind the one and only Tokio Hotel Philippines. Tokio Hotel's songs aren't played in our local radio stations as of the moment but we've got lots of fans in the country because their songs are being played on Channel [V] Asia and MTV Asia. The number of fans skyrocketed when the EMA's were broadcasted in MTV Asia in November 2007. Right now, we are striving to get them famous on Channel [V] and MTV to finally get the local radio stations and music television channels to play their songs.

Now, it's YOUR turn! :)
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